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Segue Expressive Therapies is a music therapy provider located in Northern Utah. At Segue, we are dedicated to providing quality mental health services as we provide opportunities to our clients for expression, connection, and emotional healing.  We currently contract with hospice agencies, assisted living facilities, acute rehabilitation facilities, and disability service providers. 

What is Music Therapy? 

If this is your first time hearing about music therapy, don't you fret. Compared to other clinical practices, music therapy is fairly new to the playing field. Music therapy is one of several Expressive therapies which use one of the expressive modalities within a therapeutic framework. Other expressive therapies include: art therapy, dramatherapy, dance/movement therapy, and poetry therapy

At Segue Expressive Therapies, we know that expression and connection are antecedents to emotional healing.  Because music can be experienced in so many different ways, music therapy is an extremely adaptable and accessible experience for those who are experiencing limitations in their ability to communicate or express themselves for one reason or another.  Whether it is through listening, sharing, making, or writing music, we make sure that our clients are heard and understood. 

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