Rate Estimates

Rates for music therapy services vary depending on the length of the session the type of service provided (group vs individual), as well as travel time for our therapist.

All sessions are one hour (60 minutes), unless otherwise specified. If you feel that your clients would benefit from more or less time per session, please contact us and we can discuss a fair price for the session.

*Subject to change based on travel expenses and other individual circumstances

Group Session Rates

Monthly: $75/session

Bi-monthly: $75/session

Weekly: $70/session

Group sessions are a great way to strengthen community, foster social interactions, support emotional expression, and promote cognitive engagement. We currently provide group sessions for supporting adults and seniors in assisted living, as well as adults with Intellectual or developmental disabilities attending employment programs and day support programs.

Individual Session Rates

Monthly: $65/session

Bi-monthly: $65/session

Weekly: $60/session

Individual sessions are the best choice for individuals who currently require one-on-one support for varying goals. Read more about how individual sessions can be beneficial for:

Hospice patients | Assisted Living Residents | Individuals with IDD

We would love to hear your questions, and work with you to figure out how music therapy can best serve your clients. Call or email with any questions, and to set up a FREE TRIAL SESSION to see if our team will be a good fit for your needs.

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